Enterprise Briefings With Our Security Experts

You are invited to attend exclusive enterprise briefings with our analysts and research team. 

Tuesday, February 14th and Wednesday, February 15th


Advanced Endpoint Protection: Rip and Replace or Augmentation?

Mike Spanbauer, VP of Security, Test & Advisory
Jason Pappalexis, Distinguished Research Director
Bhaarath Venkateswaran, Director, Product Management

Enterprises have long relied on conventional antivirus (AV) products, but the weaknesses of these products are as well documented as their strengths. It is not surprising then that the attention of many in the security industry has been captured by a new category of endpoint security products known as advanced endpoint protection (AEP). These products are promising a new standard in endpoint security, but when should organizations seriously consider deploying these products, and in what capacity—as replacements, or as augmentations? Jason and Mike will share the results of our first Advanced Endpoint Protection test and why it is our most interesting test to date. Attendees will be able to ask their pressing questions and receive a copy of the AEP Security Value Map.


Drowning in Data, Starving for Actionable Intelligence

Gautam Aggarwal, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Head of Products
Brian Soldato, Senior Director, Product Management
Amy Pace, Director, Product Marketing

Not getting the value you had hoped from current threat feeds and security platforms? Inundated with data but still starved for intelligence? Too many false alerts compounded by too little security staff? The fact is enterprises are expending more money, time, and effort, but still falling prey to cyber-attacks. What gives? Find out how the CAWS Cyber Threat Protection Platform’s delivers the winning cybersecurity combination of Context + Validation + Automation to keep you ahead of the breach and out of the headlines.